Different ways of consumption

1. The perfect cup of Honey Rose Tea :

Put 1-2tsp (according to your personal taste ) of the honey rose tea in 100-150ml hot water ( not more than 60℃ ).

2. Rosadoli Yogurt :

Adding Rosadoli on plain Yogurt is a perfect match, this is how Bulgarians mostly consume it, cause, except Roses, Bulgarian yogurt is another thing that the country is famous
for. Add 2-3tsp (according to your personal taste ) to 200-250ml yogurt and consume directly.

3. Rose milky:

You can sweeten your fresh warm milk with 1-2tbs Rosadoli. It could be added to Cappuccino, Latte, Coffee with Milk, and different type of milk shakes.

4. Rosadoli pastry :

Put Rosadoli on top of pancakes, bread, croissant, waffles etc.

5. Rosadoli non- alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails.

Develop your own non alcoholic or alcoholic cocktail. Make your perfect glass of Rosadoli Mojito. Rosadoli is very easy soluble, so it can be added to any kind of liquids according to your personal taste.

6. Rosadoli Rose Jelly.

Make your perfect rose jelly ball desert.