The “ Plantation ” called Rose Valley

ROSADOLI Roses come from Bulgaria“The kingdom of Roses. For our products we use the best quality pale pink roses, the one coming from the Rose valley ( in bulgarian called Rosova Dolina ), from where we have chosen the name of the brand.

Extending more than 130 km along the Balkan mountain range, the Rose valley is surrounded by two mountains, which stop the cold winds in the wintertime and help create a specific climate. The combination of several factors makes this region a unique place for growing this sort of rose. The oil extracted from it is the best quality in the world. So the Valley of Roses became a centre of rose oil production and export for centuries. The Rose Valley includes Karlovo and Kazanlak fields, as well as some parts of the Nova Zagora fields. The Total area od the Valley is about 3,300 square kilometers.