Benefits of the Rose – beauty and well being
Since ancient times, roses have been used in traditional medicine in China, India and Persia. The pure rose oil was an ingredient in medical remedies or used for to balance one’s energy. For centuries, roses were known as an aphrodisiac and we still spread rose petals over the bed of a newly married couple or on the floor duringbenefits of the rose 001x800 wedding ceremonies.
In XVI century during the plague in France Nostradamus invented pink pills which included rose petals, carnation, iris and cypress, whilst the alchemist Alexius from Piedmont, Italy, prescribed a mixture of 18 herbs which included roses.

Roses are considered to fight depression, to kill germs and bacteria, to have antibacterial and antiseptic abilities.

Benefits for the body
The Rose can help ease headaches and problems with the eyes, ears, throat, nose and even toothache. It also calms the stomach when it’s under stress and can help in cleansing the digestive system. Specialists recommend rose oil to fight combat a lack of appetite, anorexia, bulimia, liver congestion, nausea, kidney stones and bladder infections.
The oil from Rose improves general blood circulation, firming veins, arteries and the heart, thus preventing high blood pressure. Women use it to balance the hormones and regulate menstrual issues. In aromatherapy it’s been used to improve concentration, poor memory, insomnia, anxiety and apathy, helping to prevent nightmares and depression.
For the respiratory tract rose oil can calm inflammation, asthma, coughs, pulmonary abscesses, infections, tuberculosis, bronchitis, colds and pneumonia.

Benefits for the skin
For centuries the rose has been related to female beauty and used in skincare regimes. Rose water is a good face toner and has a tightening effect on capillaries, making it effective in reducing redness. It’s very good for its cleansing and antiseptic qualities, helping to prevent rashes, swelling, sores and cuts.