ROSADOLI the gift from “the kingdom of roses”

There are more than ten thousand rose species in the world , but in order to make the top rose products, ROSADOLI has chosen the best pale pink roses from the Bulgarian Rose Valley. They have found the golden latitude and longitude of 42 degrees north and 25 east.
Rosadoli uses the best quality poly-flower honey, meeting the strict European standards.

The rose contains 18 kinds of Amino acids, trace elements and it’s rich in variety of vitamins all good for the human’s body.
Since ancient times Roses are known for their health benefits, they fight depression, kill germs and bacteria, have antibacterial and antiseptic abilities, anti-aging effect, they are also considered as an aphrodisiac.

For our Rosedoli products we have chosen to stick to nature and traditions, picking the rose petals is done only by hand, starting at 5am and finishing before 10am, as hundreds years ago.

We want to provide the best quality for our consumers. We wish our consumers a life full of blossom same as the rose valley. ROSADOLI is a pursuit of the good.